Please read this section prior to reading the operating instructions.

An adult member of your party will be required to sign to demonstrate that the following document has been read, understood and will be adhered to by all party members, prior to access being permitted and the hot tub can be used at the property.

Please adhere to the following guidance at all times to ensure your health and safety:

  • At no time should children be allowed to use the hot tub while unattended.
  • The hot tub is not suitable for children under 4 years of age.
  • It is strongly recommended that the hot tub is not used for lone bathing or that another adult is at least within sight and earshot of the hot tub.
  • Party members with history of heart disease, circulatory problems, diabetes, stroke or blood pressure problems should consult a doctor before using the hot tub. Similarly, party members on medication that causes drowsiness, with any physical/mental disability, that are pregnant or that are in any way infirm should consult a doctor before using the hot tub and should also be accompanied by another adult.
  • Do not use the hot tub while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics (recreational drugs) and do not consume such while using the hot tub.
  • No glasses to be used in the tub and no drink or food consumed.
  • No soaps, detergents or hair products to be used in the hot tub. No fake tan or makeup as this can stain the hot tub.
  • Check the temperature of the water prior to entering the hot tub. The recommended temperature is 38°C for normal use. For prolonged
    periods of bathing and when used by small children and the elderly a lower temperature is recommended.
  • Party members with infection to any part of the body or with open sores or wounds should not use the hot tub to avoid spreading infection.
  • If bathers feel unwell or suffer any skin discomfort they should exit the hot tub immediately. If any bathers develop rashes of any kind these should be reported to the owner and bathing should cease until the rash has cleared.
  • All users must shower before and after each use. This reduces the risk of spreading infections and also removes natural and applied chemicals (eg
    perspiration and lotions) that can reduce the effectiveness of disinfectants that are present in the water.
  • The recommended bathing time at a temperature of 37-38°C is a maximum of 20 minutes. Be aware of the amount of time you have been in the hot
    tub. The water in the hot tub should never exceed 40°C.
  • Please drink plenty of water while using the hot tub as this will help keep you hydrated.
  • The hot tub will be carefully maintained and water tested/treated prior to your arrival but if you notice any abnormality to the water (eg cloudiness, odour) please report it to the owner immediately. Level of use, weather conditions and cleanliness of bathers can all affect the disinfectant efficiency.
  • No more than 4 bathers at any given time.
  • Always replace the cover to the hot tub when not in use and attached the catches and straps.
  • Always make sure the water level remains the same, if it drops and needs filling please contact the owner.
  • Please take care on the steps and around the hot tub area as it can become slippy. Please take special care to prevent slips and falls.
  • Only enter the hot tub via the steps, no climbing in from the other sides.
  • Please no diving, jumping in, splashing or general horseplay in and around the hot tub. Please keep your head above the water at all times.
  • No smoking is permitted in the hot tub.
  • Do not use electrical appliances near or in the hot tub.
  • Please do not place any objects on the hot tub cover. Please do not stand on the hot tub cover.
  • Please keep all loose articles or clothing or jewellery away from the rotating jets or other moving compartments.
  • If you have any doubts about the quality of the water then please contact the owner immediately.

We will make every effort to make sure the hot tub is in working order during your stay, however it may be necessary to close it due to contamination, mechanical breakdown or other circumstances beyond our control. No compensation will be paid in these circumstances.